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Here are the list of banks and company that offers Free Travel Insurance in Philippines:

PSBank - Lost / Delayed Baggage, Flight Delay / Cancellation , Accidental Death / Disablement
Repatriation Benefit
Banco de Oro enjoy up to P5million free travel insurance (Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance Coverage)
Smart Gold-Smart Telecom
Smart Gold rewards loyal subscribers like you with Free Travel Insurance. Now, you don’t only stay connected with loved ones when you travel abroad, but also feel assured because your travel needs are covered

smart gold free travel insurance.

  • Free Life Insurance in Philippines

Citibank Philippines Free Life Insurance
Last October 2006, Citibank Philippines has introduced Citibank Savings Guard, a savings account that comes with free life insurance.
Citibank Savings Guard Account gives depositors free life insurance coverage equivalent up to double the customer’s average daily account balance. The higher your deposit, the more insurance cover you enjoy.
Citibank Savings Guard Account is available for both peso and dollar deposits. Clients who open a Peso Savings Guard Account can enjoy the free insurance starting with a balance of P100,000. to P2 million. And for those clients who will open a Dollar Savings Guard Account, they will be entitled to free insurance with a minimum balance of US$ 2,000 and up to US$ 50,000.

Another is Ayala Life Insurance
By opening a BPI Direct Save-Up account, you automatically get FREE Ayala Life insurance coverage, no medical check-ups or premium payments required!, enjoying a low monthly maintaining balance of only Php 1,000. The higher the deposit balance in your BPI Direct Save-Up account, the higher your insurance coverage.

  • WiMAX Philippines

Its been a year since some tech bloggers & other online newspapers announced that WiMax service will be launch this Q4 in the Philippines. But its already year end of 2008 until now there is no WiMax services from Philippine telcos. Is it because of the NBN ZTE Deal controversy? :sigh:
WiMAX is a telecommunications technology that offers wireless data services over long distances. It is one of more recent technologies that hope to provide an alternative wireless broadband service.


"WiMAX, meaning Worldwide Interoperability
for Microwave Access,
is a telecommunications
technology that provides for the wireless
of data using a variety of transmission modes,

from point-to-point links to portable internet access.
The technology provides up to 75 Mb/s symmetric
speed without the need for cables.
The technology is based on
the IEEE 802.16
standard(also called Broadband Wireless Access).

The name "WiMAX" was created by the WiMAX
which was formed in June 2001
to promote conformity
and interoperability
of the standard. The forum describes
as "a standards-based technology enabling the

delivery of last mile wireless broadband access
as an
alternative to cable and DSL-Wikipedia"

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  • My KurisKuris Junk Art

Yesterday while I'm browsing Jehzlau Blogs (jehzlau-concepts, Showbiz Gossips, Gizmosync, Slow Learner, PRCBoardExamResult, MyPlurks, SEOPlayground, My Not So Personal Blog ,KurisKuris). KurisKuris caught my attention, I browse the contents, read some posts, and decided to submit my KurisKuris Art Work.


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