• Serendra n' Bonifacio High Street

Serendra area is one of the coolest place to hang out during weekdays/ weekends. Although, lately it feels too crowded but you cannot ignore how cool the place look. Here is a sneak peak on the latest places to see in Serendra and Bonifacio High Street. I'm sure by now you have a favorite place to hang-out, or places that you are anticipating to open. Let me know what are your favorites.

waterfall which looks like aliens invading Bonifacio High Street.

walking along Bonifacio High Street

A Trio of Dessert Places : Sonja's Cupcakes, Miss Desserts and Xocolat.

After the fading of the Krisky Kreme hype,
you can now comfortably check out KK's flagship store without any hassle.

Check out the complete assortment of Crocs footwear!


gound floor of fully booked.these action figures are worth 40k-60k
and its 50% off
THE place to do your book shopping. Four floors of books, books, and more books!
There is a Starbucks at the third level of fully booked,you can just either read books
while having frappuccino or access internet thru wifi while @ the Starbucks

shopped at All flip-flops


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