• 4real?, scam? or a crack?

Sun, 05 Oct 2008 14:40:56 +0200 I received a mail containing a subject


And a body letter containing this message

"I appreciate your finding out time to respond while looking forward to a healthy business relationship. The money in question was deposited in the B.I.B BANK where I work as the BILL AND EXCHANGE MANAGER, by late MR CHRISTIAN EICH , a GERMAN nationale who was a gold merchant and also handled most of our government SUPPLIES here here in Burkina Faso especially in area of cars being used by our top government officials.
I like to quickly emphasize on the need to handle this matter with sincerity and utmost confidence for our mutual benefit. I appeal to you from the bottom of my heart to treat this matter with great interest. But if for the avoidance of doubt, you can come down in person as that would give you the oppurtunity to confirm that my deal is genuine.

For your information, i am also working in agreement with a key officials of my bank to ensure a hitch free transfer of the fund to a foreign account. m.******51@yahoo.com

As a banker, we are not allowed to own or operate any foreign account hence i desired you being a foreign contact, to actualize the success of the transaction. It is on this basis, I am soliciting for your cooperation. I agreed to compensate you if gven the needed cooperation with 50% of the total sum of Eighteen Million, two hundred thousand US Dollars (USD 18,200,000.00.) This sum is still in the deceased dormant dedicated account, all we need to do is to obtain all necessary payment documents for the money to be transfered to a safe foreign account to be nominated by you.

On our part, we shall secure all necessary documents to back up the payment to you, which will stand as an authority for you to receive the payment legally, and in accordance with our banking reguation. The process of transferring the fund to you will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect both of us. You are 100% free from all forms of illegality over this business. I am doing every thing in accordance with the bank rules and regulation. We will guaranttee your security for assisting us.

Please send your personal contact address, your name in full and your personal Id for our confort. After which i shall send you a specimen of an application letter which you shall fill with your receiving bank account details, and submit to the bank for us to commence on this transaction immediately.

My telephone number is +226 78 *** ***, feel free to call me for further clarification and for us to get aquinted to each other.
My dearest regards

Mohammed00226 78 *** ***

Hey folks what's your opinion about this?


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    ¬ Anonymous
    # October 9, 2008 at 9:37 PM

    Hi Edz!

    Thanks for coming by at my blog: http://pinaykeypoint.wordpress.com/

    Yes, I will include your link in my blog thank you if you'll add mine too.

    Regarding your post, well it's a 100% scam and just click the small checkbox beside this mail and click spam. This will be thrown on your spam folder.

    Remember, offers like this is too good to be true and there's no such thing like that. I am in the internet world for more than a decade now buddy and I know some people in my set of friends who were scammed by this people.

    So be cautious enough in dealing with this them. They are professional scammers and always on the look out for fresh victims.