I could have been!!Yes I know- This statement could be one of the saddest that there is-People might be wondering why I find these words sad or how sad these words can be.Constantly, we experience things that can cause us happiness or even sadness, sometimes grief and pain and most of the time encouragements and discouragements, right?!!
But normally, it is "regret" that we have in our hearts-Regret for the things that we've done and regret for the things that we fail to do.Last weeks was our MIDTERM examination. Do you remember how you felt after taking the exam? Some of you felt good and happy, while most of students felt really, really sad. I know you tried to hide the sad feelings, but still you felt so low that you whispered to yourself "I could have reviewed my lesson better" or "I could have paid more attention my teacher"
Let's be honest and admit it. I'm not advising you to shout it out and tell everyone that you made a mistake and how you wish you could have been better...
Just keep it to yourself, that's just enough. Test...Test... and test!
Well, I think that's why we're here- to be tested... In school, there are certain tests where we fail and test we get high scores. Like in real life, we sometimes fail to do the right thing and to give our best shot! We maybe think that it's okay....maybe it is or maybe not at all.
Do your best! Stop waiting for the time when you're already old or the time when you cannot do anything to make your life better! Don't wait for the time when you're heart filled with regret but couldn't do anything about it!Don't find yourself saying "I could have been a better friend"!!!
Don't say "I COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER"...coz you can do nothing more than to say it...

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