• The Art of Making Belen

TARLAC CITY has announced Its 2nd Belen Making Competition.The competition called
"The Art of Making Belen" This campaign is to gain an annual tourist attraction for Tarlac.A project that seeks to transform the province into the “Belen Capital of the Philippines”.

What does Belenismo mean?
Spanish means the art of making Belen, a representation of the Nativity scene in which the Holy Family (Joseph, Mary and the infant Jesus Christ) is visited by the three wise men who came to the manger through the guidance of a star.

This year’s Belen Festival ran from November-January 6.

I have my a digital camera now,so here are some pictures.

Municipality of Moncada Tarlac
100_0353 by you.

100_0356 by you.

100_0364 by you.

100_0358 by you.

Greenhouse in Paniqui Tarlac
100_0349 by you.

100_0347 by you.

100_0346 by you.

Municipality of Paniqui Tarlac
mmmmmmmmmmb by you.

Municipality of Victoria Tarlac
vvvvv by you.

mmmmmmmmmm by you.

3087368378_3b1a3a6ae8_o by you.

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